Chantland MHS Co.

Specializes in design, manufacture and systems integration of bulk and package conveyors, along with bagging machines, fillers and robotic bag palletizers.
Bulk Conveyors - Chantland MHS engineers and manufactures bulk conveyors for a wide range of applications ensuring unparalleled reliability for our customers. We’ve conveyed a wide range of materials since our beginnings weighing as little as 6 lbs. and as much as 300 lbs. per cubic foot and on belts as wide as...
Package Handling Conveyors - Convey virtually any type of container or packaged products requiring transfer through your facility. We manufacture flat slider and roller bed belt conveyor designs for stationary or portable applications in horizontal; inclined and declined orientation.
Bagging Machines - Maximized packaging rates with repeatable results. From improving work conditions to getting the job done fast and efficient, Chantland-MHS FIBC Filling Systems, Valve Bags and Bag Fillers help you get the job done right. Find the Chantland-MHS bagging equipment fit perfect your business.
Bag Palletizer - Minimize your risks and increase production! Chantland provides conventional and robotic palletizing equipment with maximum efficiency. The Fuji Robotic Palletizers ease the stacking and storage process, while the conventional Bag Palletizer includes the steps needed to properly flatten and shape bags.
Bulk Conveyors
Package Handling Conveyors