Craft Bearing

The Craft Split Bearing is becoming the global standard wherever an extremely reliable and easily replaceable bearing is a must.
Split Bearing

Split Bearing

Craft Bearing Company manufactures Split Cylindrical Roller Bearings which combine all the advantages of conventional anti-friction roller bearings with the added feature of being easily assembled around a shaft. The complete assembly is engineered in halves to ease installation, inspection, and/or replacement of pillow block bearings without removing or disrupting other elements of the system. The Split makes the difference! The Craft Bearing and all its component parts are manufactured in the United States.
Pillow Block

Pillow Block

The Craft Pillow Block consists of the Cartridge Assembly (with either a Float or Held Bearing) and the Housing Assembly, which is made of quality ductile iron. The inside diameter of the housing is spherically machined to accept the Cartridge Assembly. The base to center height of the Pillow Block meets and in some cases is less than the industry standard. In cases where shim stock is used to increase the base to center height needed for a given application, it is imperative that the housing base be completely supported.
NOTE All hardware used in the assembly of the Craft Pillow Block is o f the American standard type, not metric.
Bearings, cartridges, and housings of the same series and grouping are interchangeable with each other. However, their component parts are not.
Cartridge Assembly

Cartridge Assembly

The Craft Cartridge Assembly consists of the following component parts:
  • Either the Float or Held Bearing (as the application requires)
  • Aluminum labyrinth seals (standard, other seals available upon request)
  • The Cartridge itself, made from high-quality ductile iron
The outside diameter of the cartridge is spherically machined to accommodate initial shaft misalignment. This allows the Bearing and Cartridge Assembly to align externally. The seal remains on a parallel axis with the shaft, maintaining a 100% seal along the shaft.

All bearing outer races are positioned in the cartridge by side pusher screws. This allows the proper positioning of the outer races in the cartridge. The side pusher screws must be backed off before attempting to remove outer races.

The Craft Cartridge Assembly may be purchased separately for replacement in a Craft Housing or other appropriate mounting fixtures.
Float Bearing

Float Bearing (Non-locating)

The Craft Float (FL Suffix) Bearing allows unrestricted axial movement; either expansion or contraction. The roller assembly is held in place by the flanges of the inner race clamping collars, while allowing the roller cage assembly to locate itself, or float, across the face of the outer race. As a result, the roller does not sustain axial forces while retaining full radial load carrying capacities.