SEW Eurodrive - Electronic Drives

Eurodrive is the number one gearmotor manufacturer in the world. Their technology includes electronic motion control to compliment their extensive gearmotor line which covers a broad range from fractional horsepower to gearing products to several million inch pounds of torque.
Practical Motor Mounted Design

Practical Motor Mounted Design

The MOVIMOT® is a frequency inverter mounted directly on the gearmotor. It provides cost-effective integrated control for a broad range of applications including conveying, palletizing, food processing, packaging and more. It is more versatile than conventional single-speed gearmotors and more cost-effective than conventional frequency inverters. Unlike mechanical variable speed gearmotors, it requires no maintenance.

MOVIMOT is a compact open loop vector drive which is very simple to install, integrate and support. Plus, no software set-up is required.

In addition to its integrated terminal control and RS-485 interface, MOVIMOT's optional fieldbus expansion capability allows communication via PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, DEVICENET, AS-I bus and CANopen. And MOVIMOT also offers a choice of control keypads for maximum flexibility.
MOVITRAC 07 series

Reliability for Standard Applications

SEW-Eurodrive takes variable frequency drives to the next level with the MOVITRAC® 07 series. Its high reliability, low cost and easy setup make the MOVITRAC 07 open loop vector drive the ideal choice for common applications such as pumps, fans, agitators, turntables, conveyors, hoists and more.

The MOVITRAC series allows you to configure each unit to the exact requirements of your application quickly and easily. The integrated operator keypad features a speed pot and one-touch access to most-used parameters. Plus, the compact size saves on installation costs and the optional brake resistor mounts in the heat sink for additional space savings.

The MOVITRAC series even offers advanced capabilities including high-speed fieldbus networking and integrated PI control. MOVITRAC also comes complete with our powerful software suite, MOVITOOLS®, for hassle-free setup and programming.

Intelligent Synchronization and Positioning

For the ultimate in intelligence and expansion capabilities, SEW-Eurodrive offers the MOVIDRIVE universal motor controller. Available in sensorless vector, flux vector and AC brushless servo, MOVIDRIVE can solve a multitude of drive challenges: From simple drives for pumps and fans to precision servo control, MOVIDRIVE delivers superior performance in virtually every application.

Setup and commissioning is made easy with MOVITOOLS, our Windows®-based software featuring SHELL and SCOPE. SHELL's auto-tuning feature gets you up and running in just minutes and allows for easy parameter access. A fieldbus monitor verifies communication to and from your MOVIDRIVE, allowing you to easily troubleshoot fieldbus communication in everyday English text. The graphical SCOPE software enables you to record and analyze both inverter and load performance data for troubleshooting or fine tuning drive performance. Our complete MOVITOOLS suite of software comes packaged with MOVIDRIVE at no additional cost.

Drive Control in the Field

As a single source solution for motion control technology, SEW-Eurodrive offers every drive product from the control cabinet all the way to the gear reducer. Because of this fact, SEW-Eurodrive is able to offer product configurations that significantly reduce costs.

Decentralized control, a design that locates the controller on or near the motor itself, is seeing increased acceptance because of the substantial cost savings and ease of installation it offers.

SEW-Eurodrive is one of the only direct suppliers of all the necessary equipment for such a configuration. The field distributor, MOVIMOT, MOVI-SWITCH and hybrid cables have all been specifically engineered for a decentralized control configuration.

The MOVI-SWITCH incorporates the switching and overload protection functions into a motor conduit box, while the MOVIMOT actually integrates the frequency inverter onto the motor. A field distributor, which is essentially a control cabinet out on the machine, is needed to take advantage of the full benefits of the MOVI-SWITCH and the MOVIMOT. The hybrid cable provides all the necessary power and control between the field distributor and the motor.